M and H chicken and diesel

Time to turn around and head for home

| Yesterday was sister Ethel's "four score and seven" birthday. There was cake and ice cream and a lot of very funny birthday cards to commemorate the occasion.

Ethel at 87 with one to grow on
87 "and one to grow on"
All at a single blow
At a single blow!

Ethel still rides her bike for miles every morning and lets no moss grow beneath her feet. I should have so much energy and agility at my age.

I have spent most of today running errands to get ready to point Sophie west again.

• Filled the tank at M&H gas/chicken/carwash.  It was only $3.299 per gallon, the least that I have paid so far. Before I left home, I looked up the projected gas prices at the department of energy, where $3.56 was given as the average projected gas price for June. This is the first time that I have paid less than that — I have actually paid an average of $3.62 so far.

• Ran Sophie through the car wash to try to get the bugs off her front. Mostly successful. Now we know what 3M uses for adhesive!

• Stopped at a bank to pick up enough ready cash to make it home. Almost everything goes on a credit card, but sometimes you just have to have real money.

No sooner had I returned to the hotel from the carwash, but the skies opened wide and a real gully-washer, accompanied by gusty winds, attacked.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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