Hastings, Minnesota, est'd 1857

Hastings, Minn — A town stuck in the past

| We lived on a farm out in the country, but I went to school in Hastings, MN, and it furnished us with our postal address.

Sophie needed her 50,000 mile service so I devoted the day to that and driving around a bit.

Like many small towns everywhere, Hastings' "downtown" has suffered from malls and big box stores on the periphery of town. The result is that while the downtown I knew 50 years ago is still there and still looks the same, all but a handful of stores are targeted at the antique and curiosity hunter or the casual visitor. The commerce that keeps a city alive is all in the suburbs.

1954 Caddy
This 1954 Cadillac was next to me at a stop light

I also took a drive by the family farm south of town. It is not a pretty site. But it's somebody else's not pretty site.

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