Sister Ethel, Brother Paul
Sister Ethel, Brother Paul

Nieces and nephews galore

| When the nieces and nephews learned that I would be stopping in Hastings, Minnesota, on this roadtrip, Niece Sharon volunteered to host a potluck gathering of the cousins that could make it, so that I could see as many of them as possible.

My father, upon the marriage of his first daughter, decreed that inasmuch as he begat six children — three girls and three boys —  he expected each of his six to have six children of their own, so that he would have 36 grandchildren. Now, five of the six took the exhortation seriously, and produced a lot of grandchildren, 32 according to the most recent enumeration — and who am I to doubt. (I never was very keen on obeying authority.) So, there are lots of nieces and nephews, and many of them showed up on Sunday. We had a wonderful time.

Photographer's note: When I arrived, I was accosted and my camera confiscated. Joni said she was going to make sure that I would be in the photos this time. And nobody argues with Joni. That said, understand that I took very few of the photos in the slideshow.

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But wait, there's more!

It seems that some are closely following these roadtrip tales closely. Friend Jim sent this picture, probably inspired by yesterday's meatstick photo:

When I was a boy
Bonus image contributed by friend Jim in response to previous posting (I think)

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