Snacks on the river

Survivor, Red Cedar

| Today I went canoeing with the nieces and nephews begat by my sister Edna Mae.

In the emails arranging this outing, Niece Carol assurred me that it was always a wonderful trip. That was then. Today was the the day after very heavy rainfall and a promised storm about the time we were to embark on the water. But, intrepid adventurerers they, who keep a trailer with six canoes ready for such occasions, we went anyway. 

We put four canoes into the water along with coolers and bags of snacks and the nine of us started off down the river. The river was quite high and moving swiftly. Barney tried to convince me that canoeing was like riding a bicycle, you never forgot. (I don't believe that is so, and as proof I have scratches on my arm from a close encounter with a fallen tree that resulted when my turning technique brought us broadside the tree instead of away from it.) 

The threatened storm never materialized, and it was an extremely pleasant day on the river. We saw several eagles, including at least one bald eagle. Carol and I rescued a large turtle that was trying to climb the steep bank but flipped onto his back and slid back down to the edge of the river, clawing the air futily.

At one point we joined our canoes and enjoyed snacks while floating down the river.

Then the riparian entertainments began. (Those who follow Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances will understand the reference.) We came to a fork in the river, and two canoes went left and two canoes went right. When we arrived at the point where the river rejoined, we put ashore thinking to wait for the other two canoes, which contained Jason and his girl friend Miss Stephanie and Nephew John and his wife Rhonda. It seemed like they should have emerged, but Nancy wasn't worried: John is with them.

After a while they did emerge from their fork of the river: wearing their life jackets and very, very wet. Jason and Stephanie had successfully gone through a patch of rushing water caused by a tree in the river; somehow John and Rhonda became entangled in the tree and capsized into the frigid water. "I was under the water, and I couldn't get back up," excitedly reported Rhonda, who nevertheless emerged unscathed from the ordeal with her sun glasses, visor, earrings, and one shoe intact. John somehow ended up standing on the canoe wedged against the river bottom, in cold water up to his chest, fearful because at first he could see only Rhonda's paddle, but not Rhonda. Jason and Stephanie quickly paddled back, and Jason plunged into the water to help free the canoe and rescue Uncle John. They're all lucky!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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