Skies weepy, fog everywhere, at Wall SD

Why? Just why?

| Today was the kind of day that just makes you ask Why? I had whittled off a few miles of today's program by spending the night in Wall, South Dakota, instead of Rapid City as I had planned. But when I woke this morning in Wall, a wall of humidity and very low hanging clouds met me at the door.

two-way interstate
Both directions of I-90 traveled on half the highway

To make bad matters worse, long stretches of interstate 90 had been turned into single-lane, two-way roads while road construction took place where the other half of the divided highway used to be. I know it will be all very nice and good when it is finished, but when you are trapped in a lane without the ability to pass for the next 15 miles, it can be irksome.

And speaking of irksome - there was a particular red Ford Focus that kept pulling out to pass (when passing became permissible) and then just slowing down. Or pass a vehicle, pull in sharply, and just slow down. The squealing of brakes and furrowed brows were sure indicators of displeasure.

Eventually, I breezed by Sioux Falls and across the state line into Minnesota. Not that you could much tell the difference by the looks of things.

brighter Minnesota
Overcast but brighter skies in Minnesota

Everything all across South Dakota and into Minnesota looked very lush and green.

After turning north on I-35, Sophie took byways for the final leg of the trip. Although we passed by and passed through towns with very familiar names — Albert Lea, Blue Earth, Northfield, Owatonna, and Cannon Falls — absolutely nothing looked familar. Of course, I haven't lived in this neck of the woods for 50 years, so I guess that's not surprising.

Tonight it is raining quite enthusiastically. The good news is that that has stopped the motorcycle traffic past my hotel.

I hope it rains enough to wash the road dust and bugs off poor Sophie. She also wants her 50,000 mile service.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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