The latest trend - half-sized pillows and a pile of them

Travel day

| Today was a travel day, intended to put some miles to the north northwest. It wasn't my pleasure to spend so much of it sitting in "one lane road" lines while construction crews did their thing.

But let's explain the pillow thing first: I've noted that the latest trend in hotel housekeeping is to replace all the normal sized pillows with half-sized ones and angle them in a row sticking out from the headboard, as in the picture. Thus, this double-bed gets four mini-pillows. Last night's king bed had 6 of them. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, nor am I saying it's a good thing. But I think it would surely encourage pillow fights!

As usual, Sophie offered a choice of three routes, so I took one that did not involve retracing my route. Big mistake, as it turned out. Throughout the day I encountered road construction projects that inevitably took up half the road. Thus, everyone had to wait in line for their turn to traverse the one-lane road. Arghhhh!

The view from Monarch Pass on US-50
The view from the summit at Monarch Pass, elev 11,312 feet

I also discovered that I was going just enough east that I was required to cross the continental divide, in this case at Monarch Pass on US-50, at which point the elevation was 11,312 feet above sea level. Sophie was a champ; after yesterday's excursion to the East Portal of Black Canyon NP, this was a cakewalk I'm sure.

I had originally planned to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park this evening, but driving the Colorado roads has just made me cranky, and with the roads in the park closed to cars due to —you guessed it — road construction, I've decided to just skip RMNP entirely.

Coloradoans seems very much interested in the weather
Coloradoans seems very much interested in the weather

Utah, where I spent so much time, seems to have a system to their speed limits; if it's this kind of road, the limit is X. Colorado, but contrast I am convinced, employed a crew of monkeys to place speed limit signs, and not being numerate, they just picked numbers at random. So, here the limit is 50mph; around the corner it is 55mph; on rare occasions it is as high as 65mph for a few hundred yards, then arbitrarily goes back to 40mph. In Utah the speed limit on the interstates was at least 75mph and 80mph in others. In Colorado, the interestate speed limits of 55mph are not uncommon. If God meant for us to go so slow, she wouldn't have allowed automobiles to be invented. 

Tomorrow will be another mileage day, and only a few miles wil be in Colorado. Hurray!

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