How dare I control my budget!

| It seems that almost every time I sign in to my Google AdWords Express account, I am greeted by a message, "Welcome! We made several changes to AdWords Express."

Recently I discovered that the minimum monthly ad-buy had been reduced, so I modified my monthly budget.

May budget

This had the somewhat amusing, albeit inexorably correct mathematically, effect of overspending on my May advertising budget.

I'm only in this for the experience in the first place.

But! Those every watchful automated bots that take care of Google AdWords Express immediately had advice for me:

Solution: Spend more money!

Don't you just love how the real prescription ("Spend more money!") is framed as a royal "we suggest" and the amount is more than twice the $3.50 per day that is currently set, and two and a half times the minimum allowable daily budget ($3.29). And by the way, the only way you will discover what that minimum allowable budget is, is by trying to set your own budget at something less than it, thereby triggering an error message that your budget must be at least $3.29 per day.

The irony is that Google thinks my objective is to get as many clicks as I can, whereas my objective really is to make that original $200 advertising budget last as long as possible.

Now that it's June, I'm sure my ad will be shown very frequently for a few days to capture as much as possible of the month's budget.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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