starters on the patio

Another opportunity for a get-together

| Jim and Angela attended a conservancy conference in Anaheim and made a swing into the desert on their way home.

Technology is smart, but not smart enough to know that when Jim selected my address in his GPS it was the old address, not where I currently live. But I'm sure they wanted to take a drive through downtown Palm Springs anyway!

The usual suspects came over for drinks and dinner to renew their acquaintence. Although it was warmish we assembled on the patio to begin the festivities.

starters on the patio
Clockwise from lower left: Rafe, Réal, Bob, Ken, Angela, back of Jim's head
starters on the patio
 Clockwise from lower left: Réal, Bob, Ken, Angela, Jim, side of Rafe's head. You see the problem with the setting sun

Eventually, when it came time for dinner, we were forced indoors, not because it was too hot outside—it wasn't— but because the setting sun was just far enough north of west that the people on one side of the table had the sun in their eyes.

Jim and Angela entertained us with a full report of the tours they had taken in conjunction with the conference. One had been to the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District where a number of seaside cottages are being restored to their condition in the 1930s to 40s when it was a secluded getaway and location for the filming of many movies. You can actually stay in the restored cottages, if you can manage get through the online reservation system beginning at 8am sharp on the first day of the month for reservations six months hence.

They also toured Modjeska Canyon and the house of  Helena Modjeska, a world-famous Shakespearean actress who lived there at the end of the 1800s and very early 1900s. From Poland, she toured the US giving performances for decades. I'd never heard of her, but Bob, being a native Southern Californian, knew all about her.

The things you learn about your area when others come to visit!

layers of delicious
Of course there's not a calorie in it

As usual, we had a mountain of food: ribs, baked beans, potato salad, stuffed red peppers, and, for dessert, Real's now famous layered extravaganza.

There was so much food that I totally forgot, until everyone was getting up to leave, that I had forgotten to serve the macaroons!

You can tell no one left the table hungry
You can tell noone left the table hungry
Protein-enriched sweetcorn
Protein-enriched sweetcorn

The day before, when I was husking the sweetcorn to use in the stuffed peppers, I discovered a big, fat green worm chomping its way through the kernels of one ear. Being a practical sort, I simply lopped off the end of the ear and used the rest. Waste not, want not. Besides, I was not going to make another trip to the supermarket for one ear of corn!

Jim's breadbox

Before they left this morning, Jim showed me his latest toy. It meets all the requirements for a satisfying toy: flashing lights, levers that flip rapidly back and forth (a bit larger and it could be a challenging pinball machine), all driven by an onboard linux computer on a wooden motherboard. Oh yeah, there's also the wireless capability and the HDMI interface toTV. I'm impressed. I'm sure it's useful, but to me it's thoroughly mystifying. Me, I need the GUI and some apps!

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