green thumb award

I give myself 1 green thumb

| I diligently planted my garden in October as "they" say one should. Frankly I'm not sure that was such a good idea.

The initial harvest from the garden has been very meagre: one tiny red pepper and a few cherry-sized tomatoes. Two of the tomato plants were killed in a winter freeze.

But now that spring is here, things are looking up. As reported yesterday, the herbs are flourishing. This morning I took stock of the vegetables. Another handful of (barely) bite-sized, ripe tomatoes could be harvested, and the other two tomato plants, replaced after the freeze, are starting to show promise of normal-sized tomatoes. And the pepper plants are producing as well, although neither plant is the size that I think a pepper plant should be; neither is even 9 inches tall.

tomatoes on the vine
Tomato plant #1 has several green tomatoes, these of normal size

Red pepper plant has another pepper that is beginning to turn
The red pepper plant has another pepper that is beginning to turn.

Yellow pepper plant
The yellow pepper plant has a medium-sized pepper, but it has not yet begun to turn yellow

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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