Opera in the Park 2013


| Sunday was the 15th annual Opera in the Park, presented by the Palm Springs Opera Guild.

As usual, Phil and Réal went to the park at the crack of stupid to claim a prime viewing spot right next to the tent. Those under the tent pay for the privilege of assured shade; those outside the tent pay nothing, as the concert is free. Bob and I arrived half-past the crack of stupid to cater breakfast. This year it was a Manly Quiche, fruit, croissants, and coffee.

Lauren in rehearsal casual ware

One of the great advantages of going early—apart from getting really good seats—is that you get to hear the concert twice, inasmuch as they do a complete run-through of the program in rehearsal. Everyone is in their most-casual clothes, and it is quite fun. Sterling performances, even in rehearsal, are likely to earn enthusiastic bravos from the appreciative early risers. (The plural of bravo ought to be bravi, I suppose, but I doubt that it would pass the spell-checker!)

The singers, most of them, are finalists in the Guild's annual Vocal Competition. This year, as in years past, a couple of them have been returnees. And as usual, the talent was extraordinary. 

The music is the draw, of course, but what makes Opera in the Park so enjoyable is the very large crowd, all in a happy mood, come to spend the day in the park, toting along their picnic hampers and bottles of wine or champagne. Our own group, organized by Phil, numbered somewhere between 20 and 30 I would guess (it's hard to keep track when people come and go), and there was a mountain of food. It's strictly pot luck, so there was a wide selection to choose from when filling one's plate. And fill one's plate one did. 

The only downside to this year's concert is that it was quite humid, uncomfortably humid as a matter of fact, with nary a breath of a breeze for most of the afternoon. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for a wonderful musical afternoon.

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