Yeah, winter is over!

| It's spring, and Mother Nature has been adding touches of color to the backyard.

This morning is one of those that makes you say, "This is why I moved here!" Clear blue skies. Crisp morning temperature. Any schmutz in the air blown away by yesterday's wind. I took my coffee out on the patio to bask in the sun and enjoy the morning.

This is now the second year for my backyard, and the plants are now happy and well-established and many that didn't blossom last year are now showing exquisite flowers. Who knew that grasses could be so exhuberant?

Baby lavender plant

I've also been alternately dismayed and astonished at all the "weeds" sprouting all over the yard. At first I diligently pulled them out whenever I saw one, but when they proliferated I went for the heavy artillery — RoundUp! Eventually I cast a more-observant eye on what I was spraying, only to realize that the leaves of these little "weeds" looked awfully familiar. A quick check told the tale: the "weeds" are actually little lavender plants valiantly trying to start from seed! You see, I only recently learned that I was supposed to have pruned the lavenders after they blossomed last year. They sowed their seeds all over the backyard, and wherever there is a bit of moisture, they are rearing their little heads!

Fortunately, RoundUp only kills plants that are already growing, not any seeds that are not yet sprouted. Already another crop of lavenders is peeking through the gravel.

After the fiasco in Yellowknife with my Nikon D50, I decided to try to redeem myself by taking a few photos.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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