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Honoring and dishonoring

| Sunday was the annual Oscar ceremony and accompanying diversions and amusements, so the usual suspects gathered to observe the occasion with appropriate food, beverages, and hilarity.

We began the afternoon with Bloody Marys and brunch, while checking in from time to time with progress on the Red Carpet.

Apron by Prada

Our award for ugliest dress was bestowed on Ann Hathaway, a garment we dubbed "Apron by Prada." Apparently we were not the only ones not impressed, because Ms Hathaway has issued a statement saying, "I deeply regret any disappointment caused" ( It seems, according to Vogue, according to, that she made a last-minute switch because she had heard that Jennifer Aniston and Sally Field  would be wearing a dress very similar to the one she had intended to wear. The horror, the horror, the horror! So, it's better to show up in an apron, even if it was designed by Prada? I think not.

Actually, Prada should be issuing the apology for such a garment.

Kenny and Richard came prepared to turn our simple Oscar gathering into a theme party, and they brought along a red carpet(!) — actually I think it was a re-purposed red tablecloth — and a script for an elaborate awards ceremony of their own. The rest of us were made to walk their red carpet and receive our own awards.

And then there was the matter of food. I pulled a turkey out of the freezer, bought at Christmas time when the prices were really really low, and the plan was for our usual pot-luck brunch followed by showtime sandwiches. To make a long story short, we so overloaded on appetizers and brunch that there was absolutely no appetite for any further intake. So, everyone took mounds of food home instead. That didn't stop us, however, from having a bit of dessert (Kenny's carrot cake, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with the coconut liqueuer brought back from Ensenada). In truth, we had enough food to have served at least 25 people.

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