Paul photographing agave

Miscellaneous after-thoughts

| We've been back from our cruise almost two weeks now, and I've finally gone through the pictures and videos to do a catch-up post.

The bunch are always complaining that I am always taking pictures but am never in any of them. The picture at right, taken by Ken, is the exception, I suppose, that proves the rule.

The agaves

The agaves (left) are what I was photographing.

Both of these photos were from our brief sojourn in Avalon, Catalina Island.

The rest of this post is (1) a slide show of worthy images that were not included in the original postings and (2) a short video of scenes from the trip.

A note about the video: The first and longest segment is of Cha Cha Cha lessons offered on the stage of the showroom by Joe Dancer. He was part of the lifeboat drill and we noticed that his nametag said "Joe Dancer" — it's just that "Dancer" is his job, not his surname! You will surely note two couples in the group on stage.

The first couple, she in white sweater, black jeans, and he in black T-shirt are from Alaska, and, as we would find out, aggressively asserted themselves into any and all on-board activities, determined to have fun, fun, fun. The second couple, two portly women who are always about three seconds behind the curve; "developmentally challenged" they, too, were determined to have fun and joined into activities with sheer abandon. The ship staff, to their enormous credit, simply carried on with them and made sure they took part. One, the quiz show emcee, went out of his way to concoct ways for the one who joined his segment to get answers and score points. To be honest, it was amusing to watch them, but by and large people laughed with them, rather than at them.  As it should be.

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