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They're there for you — as long as you call during business hours

| You've seen them on TV, Consumer Cellular customers chirping smugly about how much they just love Consumer Cellular — they don't have a contract, they save so much money, if they ever need more minutes they can just change their plan. According to them, Consumer Cellular is the bee's knees.

And apparently a lot of those same people respond to Consumer Reports annual product survey, for Consumer Cellular stands at the top of the ratings for cellular providers, for the third year in a row, as Consumer Cellular is quick to point out.

Consumer Reports reader ratings

My cell phone provider has been AT&T which, as you can see from the chart, is down there at the bottom of the chart, for good reason I would point out. A few days ago I decided I'd had enough and checked out the Consumer Cellular website. AARP discount, check. (Hey, if you're going to be old, you might as well take advantage of the perks.) And they have an interesting plan whereby, if you have certain kinds of cell phones, they will just sent you a new SIM card instead of a whole new phone. I mostly like the phone I have: nice big buttons and when you dial the display shows great big letters. I chose the SIM card option.

Astonishingly, the new SIM card arrived today, only two days after I signed up. I inserted the new SIM card and went to the Consumer Cellular website to activate the SIM.

We encountered an error

After confirming that the SIM card was installed, an Activate button was displayed, along with a warning that once the activation process began it could not be stopped. "Oh, no!" A message appeared on the screen: I called the number. Unsoothing background music. "Please stay on the line etc."

Eventually someone answered who told me I would have to call Customer Service. But Customer Service is the number I called! Oh, customer service closes early on the weekends, there's nobody there. You'll have to call back tomorrow during normal hours.

You guessed right, Not only does the Consumer Cellular service not work, but neither does the AT&T service!

I'm sorry, but a real phone company does not close tech support! What a fail — no tech support, but telesales is still at work!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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