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| Palm Canyon Drive was for two hours this morning the scene of outrageous costumes, marching bands, bodies that noone should be allowed to have (well, actually everybody should have), horses, dogs, and just about anything else you could imagine. It was the annual Pride Parade, and a fine day it was for a parade — clear blue skies and bright sunshine. Even Mother Nature loves a parade.

The festival, which runs two days Saturday and Sunday, this year took over a second baseball park, so the festival spread out and filled both parks. There was a lot more entertainment, the country-western tent was back, and when we left at 3pm, people were still streaming in.

The political continent included the usual city council members as well as a fine showing for the Democratic candidate for the House, Raul Ruiz. A first-time candidate for anything, Ruiz has a good chance to oust Mary Bonehead (as I call Mary Bono Mack). From the safety of Florida where she actually lives with her Congressman husband Connie Mack, she has run a campaign consisting of utter slime, putting off everyone including the local Desert Sun, a right-leaning paper of the Gannett chain, who endorsed Ruiz because "Rep. Bono Mack talks like a Washington insider. She has adopted the rhetoric of partisan think tanks and the thought-police of Grover Norquist and Karl Rove." (Mind, tonight they endorsed Romney.)

In one of those I-don't-think-anybody-is-listening moments she referred to the Coachella Valley as a "third world toilet" and when she found out that Ruiz had when he was a student stuck up for some eastern Indian tribes, Bono Mack put out an ad saying he, Ruiz, was a disgrace and against Thanksgiving. This was not a clever thing to say in a district where half the land is owned by Indian tribes.

This year the annual AIDS walk was scheduled for the same day as the Pride parade, the AIDS walkers starting much earlier at the opposite end of Palm Canyon Drive where the Pride Parade would end. When they reached the beginning of the Pride Parade they turned around, joined the parade, and marched back up Palm Canyon Drive.


Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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