Traditional outing to Oak Glen

| When it's apple season, the usual suspects head to Oak Glen.

Oak Glen isn't so much a town as a loop in the road lined with shops, apple farms, and restaurants. "Quaint" is a good word to describe much of it. But make no mistake, wherever you go there, the smell of cooked and baked apples permeates the air.

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It has become our tradition to make Riley's Farm the first stop, where we bypass the U-Pick apples, the U-Press cider, the Sawmill, the Tours, the Archery, the Revolutionary era souvenir shop, etc, and head straight for the restaurant, the Hawk's Head Public House. It oozes quaint and historic, serving "VICTUALS pleasing to the PALATE expeditiously served after the Best MANNER." The staff are all dressed in 18th century garb, and they sing Yankee Doodle and other hits of the day; drying herbs hang in the windows; and the food is wonderful comfort food of the chicken-pot-pie variety. In fact, the chicken pot pie is about our favorite: It comes in a big bowl with a flakey crust, piping hot direct from the oven (and I do mean piping hot, as in burn-your-mouth piping hot).


Chicken Pot Pie
The Tavern Keeper's Special

Of course, there are other things on the menu (.jpg, 1221x1008). Ken had The Tavern Keeper's Special, a roast beef sandwich with stuff on the side.


Naturally, we always have mugs of hot apple cider as our beverage.

Moving on around the loop, we discovered to our great delight that the Wilshire Apple Shed was open again after having been closed for five years. In the Black Twig Gift Shop we loaded up on salt water taffy of every possible flavor imaginable and poked around among the cottage-y crafts for sale. We would have tried That Creative Cafe except that we'd just finished our pot pies!

A few miles down the road we stopped at Oak Tree Village, "14 Acres of Family Fun," featuring everything from a petting zoo to live music to Apple Annie's Restaurant and Bakery. It was at Apple Annie's that we intended to take our traditional apple crisp à la mode, but when we saw the line decided that maybe Parrish Ranch would have to do.


As it turned out, the restaurant at Parrish Ranch had a 40-minute waiting list, so we had our apple crip in the barn at Parrish Ranch and marveled once again that they still haven't got their s**t together insofar as running an efficient business.

Bob's new watch

It must not go unremarked that Bob has a new watch, which he won in a raffle. This is definitely an inside joke, dating back to our cruise in 2008 when Bob had so many issues with his watch, which provided no end of entertainment. It was therefore with great eclat that Bob introduced his newly-won watch while waiting for our food at the restaurant.

Our bellies full and our veins coursing with sugar, we headed for home and long naps.

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