Belaboring the obvious

| I keep a weather gadget on my desktop (see right). This afternoon, a beautiful fall afternoon, I was startled to see the symbol alert calling my attention to a weather alert. Goodness, gracious, whatever is going on?

I clicked and was presented with this shocker:


Of course it's "fall like weather" — news flash: it's fall! (And by the way, "fall like" should have a hyphen, "fall-like.")


A couple of things to note about the weather magnet. First, it indicates the low was 57°F. I can only say that my Lucy Vitameatavegamin thermometer on the patio displayed a temperature of 67°F at the point this morning when I was driven indoors to fetch long pants and a sweatshirt.

A second point about that weather magnet: it is unfailingly accurate. Every morning it displays some number as the forecast high of the day, and then it simply adjusts the forecast to match the actual temperature as it rises. In this way it's never wrong about the high of the day.

The weather advisory notwithstanding, it is very fall-like (with a hyphen) these days. Last night while I was reading in my swing on the patio I was forced to get a blanket to stay warm. And, as hereinabove mentioned, the mornings have been downright chilly, warranting flannel shirts, jackets, and lap blankets. But then, it is fall!

And by the way, this morning's sunrise was truly spectacular.

As another measure of fallness, the sun is now rising in the southeast, hence the tiles of the neighbor's roof at the bottom of the picture

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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