Lisa Benson, 7 Oct 2012

Vote Democratic

| It behooves me, I suppose, to say a few words about the impending election.

(If it behooves me, am I behooven? or behooved? If the latter, probably cloven, LOL.)

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

H.L. Mencken

There are three forces at play that make this a very dangerous time for American government: First, news sources have become Balkanized, so many people only get news that fits their beliefs and preconceptions. Second, one political party is motivated solely by the desire to make a president fail, even if it means the nation as a whole suffers. Third, a presidential candidate has demonstrated an utter willingness to say anything and be anything if it will get him to 51% of the vote.

Nick Anderson, 7 Oct 2012

News sources. Faux News, DBA Fox News, is not a news organization at all, but is the propaganda arm of the Repugnican party. All day long they broadcast half-truths, distortions, innuendos, and downright lies in the effort to bring down President Obama and deliver government to the Repugnican party. Their latest depravity is to get full-throatedly behind the preposterous conspiracy allegation that Obama cooked the jobless statistics for October. What's scary is that so very many people get their news only from Fox.

Glen McCoy, 6 Mar 2012

Rush Limbaugh holds forth on the radio every day, talking absolute garbage to an audience estimated at least 15 million per week (Talkers Magazine), but there's a certain skepticism about his audience claims. At any rate, it's a lot of people.

Tony Auth, 6 Sep 2012
Jim Morin, 14 Aug 2012

Repugnican party. Mitch McConnell said it plainly, "The number one priority is to make sure Obama is a one-term president." Beginning from inauguration day, the Repugnicans have followed a strategy of deligitimizing and thwarting anything and everything Obama proposes to do, even when he proposes to do something that the Repugnicans originally proposed. And they've done so very successfully. Now they are capitalizing on their success by criticizing Obama for not having cleaned up the mess they left him with in January 2009.

Thanks to the Repugnican party, we were subjected to the debt limit crisis and, come January, we will be further treated to falling off the "fiscal cliff" as many have predicted when the sequester (drastic cuts in everyone's sacred-cow programs) takes place.

Thanks to the Repugnican party, majority rule is no longer the law of the land, for it now takes 60% of the Senate, not 50%, to get anything passed.

Paul Szep 28 Aug 2012

Candidate. And then there's the candidate himself, Willard Mitt Romney, who has raised talking out of both sides of his mouth to high art. His pandering knows no bounds. Talking to fat cat donors in Florida, he disdains the 47%; the video having surfaced, he now says it was all a big mistake and he really, really, really cares about the poor and the downtrodden.

Stuart Carlson, 5 Oct 2012 With a little help from Paint Shop Pro

When Romoney dies — and to be honest, it can't happen soon enough — his brain should be donated for scientific study. There must be something truly unique about that brain that allows him to take so many diametrically opposed positions on issue without experiencing any cognitive dissonance. Most of us feel at least some discomfort when we've said two contradictory things, but not Willard; he can not only take new positions on issues at will, he can apparently erase all memory of having held any other positions ever in his lifetime. I'm sure that when he says, as he did in the first debate, that he will not lower taxes on upper income Americans, he believes himself, at least at that moment. I think the term of art for this is schizophrenia.

The debate. With great anticipation I tuned in to the first presidential debate, convinced that the foundation had been laid for a knockout. In the days leading up to the debate, Romney had said so many outrageous things that it seemed Obama should have been able to demolish him in the debate. But he didn't even mention:

Mike Luckovich 5 Oct 2012

Obama delivered a disappointing and dispiriting performance, no doubt about it. The words themselves weren't all that bad, although they could have been a lot stronger. What absolutely killed him was the split screen that showed him looking down at his podium most of the time and occasionally smirking. The body-language message was, I don't want to be here, I don't like this guy, I just want to go home.

No doubt he was surprised by the Mitt Romney who showed up to shake his Etch-A-Sketch and declare that he is once again a sane, moderate person, despite having claimed himself in a primary debate "a severely conservative governor." Suddenly he was proud of Romney care. Suddenly his compassion for the middle class was boundless. Suddenly his, Romney's, $5 trillion tax cut was a figment of Obama's imagination. To be fair, when someone is willing to stand there and lie through his teeth about so many things all at once, it's very hard to respond. Calling out the lies would have only elicited another "There you go again" denial. Where's YouTube when you really need it? And in many ways the whole debate was an elaborately staged trap which Obama failed to step into. Had he come back swinging, he would have been immediately characterized by the right as an unpresidential angry black man.

As a result, the polls have tightened. Whereas Obama was holding a lead outside the margin of error in many, many polls before the debate, Romney has now pulled closer and within the margin of error in many. It's scary times right now.

The electorate is on the verge of making a very, very huge enormous error if they elect Romney and consolidate Repugnican control of Congress. If that happens women can kiss control over their uterus good-bye; the repressive legislation of the last two years in Repugnican-controlled state houses will be only a foretaste of what will come under a Republican government. If you're gay, there will be more energetic efforts to push you back into the closet and lock the door; simple equality of rights with straight people will be set back decades. If you're a senior citizen on Medicare, you, yourself, might get a pass, but your children and grandchildren will get a voucher and the insurance companies will be back in complete control, raking in the dough all the while. If you're poor and have to rely on food stamps or Medicare to get by, you'd better get used to the idea of being sick and going hungry; you'll really be a victim, of the greedy mean bastards who now run the Repugnican establishment. If you drive a car, be prepared to dodge potholes because there won't be any money to fill them after the Ryan budget cuts. If you send kids to a school, be prepared to see class size swell, because the number of teachers will continue to shrink because of those same budget cuts. If you think voting is an important right, be prepared to give it up, because the Repugnicans will do everything they can to make it harder for you to vote — you know who you are who'll have the targets on your back.

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