My backyard is a wildlife refuge

| I went out for a lunch meeting today, and when I returned I happened to glance at the waterfall in the back yard and could hardly believe my eyes — a large hawk was taking a shower in the waterfall!

It wasn't just perched close to the waterfall so it could take a drink; it was in the waterfall, standing there with the water cascading down onto it, enjoying an open-air shower, as it were.

Of course I ran to get my camera! The hawk obliged me by staying in the waterfall for quite some time, then hopped up on the rocks to shake the water off its feathers and pose majestically, after which it flew to the top of the fence and perched there for a while before flying away.

Amazingly, it came back about half an hour later and once again perched atop the wall where it sat for over two hours! Just as calm as could be.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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