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We labored to clean our plates

| The first Monday of September is designated as the day to celebrate Labor.

Time Warner Cable celebrated labor by forcing its employees to go door-to-door to inquire about people's TWC services — and almost certainly to sell them more!

"Uh, you are aware that today is a holiday, aren't you?" I inquired of the perky young woman who appeared on my doorstep.

"Well, doh," quoth she, "that's why you're home."

"Actually that is not why I am home, and I resent being disturbed on a holiday."

"Well, but you're happy with your services, I can cross you off my list?" she asked.

"Since you asked, I hate my services," replied I with a certain vehemence.

"Why? What's the problem?" she followed up. As did I.

Later, the usual suspects, plus Kenny and Richard who are on their pre-winter trip to Palm Springs from Canada, arrived for the customary feasting and drinking.

Washing the mixer bowl

Everyone arrived pretty much just as I was finishing mixing up the dessert, Double Chocolate Gooey Cake, which would be popped in the oven when the potato gratin came out. And no gathering Chez Moi would be complete without copious amounts of champagne and culinary contributions from those attending. (Note: Double Chocolate Gooey Cake is a Paula Deen recipe; 'nuf said.)

Réal provided ribeye steaks for grilling, Ken brought sweet corn to roast on the grill, Bob brought his famous baked beans in what looked, for all the world, like a baby basinette, Kenny brought appetizers stuffed into and perched upon little pita breads (yummy!), and Rafe arrived freshly showered from putting in a hard day's labor looking almost as tanned as John Boehner, bearing potato salad. Since the tan was acquired working in the out of doors, he showed off his tan lines, after which display we sent him to the patio to work magic on the grill.


Suffice to say, we had to labor mightily to clean our plates — in fact, most of us could not. But never mind, there is always a supply of boxes for doggie bags to go.

Rafe's tan lines (Photo by Kenny)
Ken arrives flourishing his GPS to prove I had his elevation wrong (I did)
The steaks arrive
Bob ponders why he ate so much — easy! it was soooo good
Ken can't take it any more

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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