A river runs through it

| Tuesday the weather service issued flash flood warnings for the Coachella Valley, followed by two or three drops of rain (at least where I was). Yesterday, there was another warning with a very specific, very short timeframe attached. And then it began to rain.

Simply put, the skies opened and out came buckets of rain in big, fat drops, not to mention a few stray cats and dogs as well. The dry river bed in my backyard quickly filled with water and lakes formed. A resounding thunderclap punctuated the event. For about half an hour it poured, sending me to the yellow pages to look for a seller of arks. While I was marveling over the rising waters, a big fat rat ran past the sliders, the proverbial rat, I suppose, deserting the sinking ship.

Of course it rains like this in other places, but this is the desert — in July!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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