Quail and rabbit, oh my!

| I seem to have been adopted by a rabbit that spends a lot of time in my backyard. Rabbits crack me up — whenever they feel in the least bit threatened they freeze, presumably on the theory that if they don't move we can't see them. Which is actually a pretty sound strategy, since many predators are keen on detecting motion.


So this morning the rabbit was out in the backyard again, making himself at home.

Then I noticed what looked like a pile of feathers bunched up next to the wall. From where I was, near the house, I really couldn't see what it was, but it's not unusual for a hawk to feast on some bird, leaving nothing but a few feathers. But this pile had too much form to be that. I approached. Then I could see ever so tiny motions, and realized that it was indeed alive. But it just didn't look right — perhaps it is injured, said I to myself.


I approached even closer. Suddenly the bird was on its feet, unfurled its little topknot, and fled across the yard. Oh, it was just a quail.

But wait, what did it leave behind?


There, flattened up against the gravel was a pile of baby quails! I couldn't really tell how many there were, only that there were a lot — those little black eyes were very numerous. Aw! So, I took a couple of pics and stole away indoors so Mama would come back.

Interestingly enough, she did come back quite soon, but she moved her brood about four feet along the wall, so that she and they were hidden by the vegetable bed.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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