Sojourn in Desert Hot Springs

| Friend Ray took time off from his tours of World Heritage Sites to drop by last month on his way to spend the summer in an undisclosed location in the mountains of northern California. The man does like to travel and you may find his travel blog interesting.

Ray, the Geezer Traveler

We spent our time in lively discussions solving all the problems of the world and depairing of the woeful state of US political affairs (we're in vehement agreement). To help satisfy his need for exotic travel destinations, we did make a morning field trip to Cabot's Pueblo Museum here in Desert Hot Springs.

Now, Cabot Yerxa was an intrepid and enterprising adventurer who came to the desert early in the 20th century and decided to homestead on what is known as "Miracle Hill" where he discovered the hot-water aquifer that now supplies the numerous spas here in the city. He had gotten tired of the long trek to Garner with his burro Merry Xmas to fetch water, and decided to dig a well. As luck would have it, he found hot water; later he dug a second well and this time hit cold water. Over time, he built a house on the site entirely of recycled stuff he found in the desert. Done in a faux Hopi pueblo style, the house is oddly beautiful.

Cabot's pueblo-style house

Ray and I bought tour tickets to see the interior of the house, and it was fascinating, from the entrance with a dirt floor (so his Indian friends could stay with him and sleep on earth as their beliefs required) to the upper levels reached by an extremely narrow staircase designed as a sort of chimney to draw cooler air upstairs from down below. Cabot was definitely "green" — he recycled everything!

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