Not today!

| Having spent two very unrestful nights Sunday and Monday, I was relieved to get a good night's sleep last night, and deeply chagrined to be awakened about 4:30am by what sounded like running water.

When I have the sliders open, as I did last night, the waterfall in the backyard is heard as a gentle murmur in both the living room and bedroom. I was about to roll over and try to resume my slumber when struck by a frightening realization: that's too loud to be the waterfall!

Anyone who has suffered a water leak in the house knows how quickly devastating damage can occur, and I have so suffered.

Horrible scenarios flashed across my mind: the water heater had broken (no, that can't be, it's in the garage and I'd never hear it); the hose on the washer has sprung a leak (doubtful, still too far to be that loud); the toilet is running over (no, wrong sound); OMG, the supply line to the waterfall has burst!

I sprang from my bed and through the screen slider into the back yard, ready to stem the rising tide.

Oh, good grief, I exclaimed to myself as drops fell on my head. It's raining!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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