Brazen bird!

| While harvesting my bumper crop of tomatoes, I noticed that a few of them had holes in them, as if something had taken a bite out of them. Surely that's not possible, I thought to myself, considering that the plants are enclosed in a cage with ½-inch mesh. Oh, how wrong I was!

Aha! Mystery solved.

This morning I espied a roadrunner in the backyard, standing atop the waterfall. I rushed to get my camera, but was disappointed when I returned to see that the roadrunner was no longer there. But wait! There it is, on top of the vegetable cage, coveting my tomatoes!

It went all around the vegetable cage several times, seeking a way to get at the few remaining fruits of my horticultural labors. And it all became clear: that long beak fits nicely through the mesh of the cage, and any tomato unlucky enough to be close to the wire is subject to a good chomp.

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Who knew roadrunners like tomatoes?

And to think I had considered leaving the tops off the cages once the plants were well established...

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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