The big chill

| Thanks to the kind folks at Accent Inns in Vancouver, I have my camera back. So, here are some pictures to augment the visions you had to conjure up from the image-less articles I posted about the trip.

Our stateroom was on the Veranda Deck and nearly to the back of the ship (see sidebar). The good news about that was that the elevator opened 4 floors down right at the entrance to the dining room. The bad news about that was that the shuddering of the engines could be heard and felt in rough seas.

After I had booked the cabin, I had second thoughts about being on the western side of a voyage north and called Holland America to see if we could switch to the other side. No, there were no more staterooms available, and besides, the ship will be so far out at sea that you won't see anything anyway. That much at least turned out to be true.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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