Serious feasting

| Yesterday being Memorial Day, the usual suspects did what they usually do — eat. Ken, Bob, and Réal came in the afternoon, one later than the others (another story altogether!), for a picnic-style supper, albeit one eaten indoors inasmuch as Mother Nature turned up the furnace in the late afternoon.

The featured cocktail for the afternoon was descriptively named Lime and Thyme Lemonade, a concoction of, doh!, lime juice, thyme, and lemonade. Strange as it sounds, it was actually not bad, refreshing for one drink on a hot afternoon. Those who want to try, are invited to check out the recipe on

For dinner, we had barbecued ribs (thanks to Tony Roma), baked beans (thanks to Bob), corn on the cob steamed in the husks on the grill à al Martha Stewart (thanks to Ken), potato salad (thanks to me), sliced tomatoes (thanks to my garden), and a trifle with a positively epic calorie count (thanks to Réal). Those orgasmic moans you heard about 6:30pm PDT were probably those of the assembled gourmands.

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While letting our food settle in anticipation of dessert, we harvested more tomatoes from the garden. This is the pile of tantalizingly tasty beauties left after everyone was forced to take a bag home. These tomato plants are like zucchini — I'm going to have to start leaving bags of them in unlocked cars.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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