Camera arrives home!

| Faithful readers will recall that at the end of the recent cruise, my trusty camera had gone missing, and a call to the hotel failed to result in its being found.

Encouraged by discovering how much it would cost to replace it with the current model, I re-doubled my efforts to reconstruct the last evening in Vancouver in hopes of remembering what might have happened to it. Aha!

When we returned from our day of sightseeing, I changed to go out to dinner, and when I took the camera off my belt, I must have laid it on the bed, whence it must have fallen and gone under the bed. With this new insight, I sent a note to the hotel: "I would really appreciate it if you could make one final check, particularly under the bed closest to the bathroom. It is a small Panasonic / LUMIX camera in a black leather case. If you find it, I will gladly pay the cost to ship it to me." A short time later, I received a reply: "The camera is found!"

Since then I have been tracking its progress on the Canada Post website:


I confess that all this information was a little unsettling. For example, Why did it take 22 hours between leaving Canada and arriving in a foreign country, presumably the USA? And why after arriving in a foreign country did it arrive in a foreign country again 3 hours later? My friend David helpfully pointed out that the package was "trucked across the border" and "arrived in Seattle or Seattle Airport" some three hours later. Makes sense. I was delighted yesterday to note that the parcel was now "at the delivery office in the destination country." And I was even more delighted this morning to see the USPS truck pull up in front of my house! The parcel was duly handed over upon my signature.


Welcome back to Daddy! I eagerly opened the parcel, and like Russian dolls, the box inside. There, nestled in Kleenex swaddling, was my camera, none the worse for its excellent international adventure. Now all I have to do is go through the 118 pictures on its disk for apt illustrations for the cruise stories.

And I have to say, if you're ever in need of a hotel room near the Vancouver airport, I heartily recommend Accent Inn for its location, its clean and affordable rooms, and above all for its friendly, kind, and helpful staff!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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