Whales for breakfast, again!

| At sea off Northern California. A whale came by to entertain us at breakfast again this morning, but this was a solitary one and quite a ways off. From time to time he/she would blow then stand on his/her head and wave his/her tail. But it soon disappeared, and we could go back to our omelets and toast.

At Bingo yesterday afternoon Réal and I both got only one number away from Bingo at the same time. The next number drawn was the very number I needed, and I won the first game of the afternoon. And since I was the only winner, I didn't have to share my winnings with anybody — $197. Woohoo! None of us got even close to winning the $50,000 prize for the last game in which, to win, you were required to get every single number on your card within the first 46 numbers drawn. Nobody won that, and this afternoon the purse will be $100,000. You can bet we're going to play.

Last night's entertainer was Rondelle <something> — if you saw him you'd immediately recognize him because he's all over television — who told wickedly funny jokes and picked unmercifully on some people in the audience who weren't clever enough to keep their mouths shut. For one person in the audience from Phoenix, he said, "I'm going to tell a joke that only you will get: What's something you will never hear anyone say in Phoenix? You go ahead, I'll wait in the car." Of course, we desert rats understood perfectly, but we were not about to laugh too loudly lest we call attention to ourselves.

A wonderful thing happened last night while we were at the show: somebody finally got through to the geniuses running the ship that it was freezing on board. People were sitting around inside wrapped in blankets and/or wearing parkas and other cold-weather garb. I know the ship is destined to do Alaska cruises this summer, but it was just ridiculous. This morning it was about 5° warmer in the public areas than it has been since we got on in San Diego.

This afternoon we are attending a wine-tasting led by Cellermaster Ingu who will introduce us to French wines: a champagne, two whites, and two reds. We don't expect the wines to be too shabby; one of them is a Cheateauneuf-du-Pape.

And tonight, the Amsterdam dancers and singers will take to the stage for the Holland America revue, Europa.

Bob has just returned from finding his glasses. It turns out they were in the room under the bed. As my mama would have said, "They were just where you left them!"

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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