I try to duplicate a cheesecake recipe

| My friend Kenny from Montréal is famous among our Brunch Bunch for his cheesecakes. They are, first and foremost, divinely delicious. But what sets them apart from most other cheesecakes is that the texture is light and airy.

I have an entire cookbook devoted to cheesecakes — and I have made a good number of them — but they've always turned out dense and heavy. I've begged Kenny to give me his recipe, but he won't (he says he is going to publish a cookbook with the recipe in it and by not telling he knows we would all buy the cookbook for that recipe alone). At our bon voyage brunch before Kenny and Richard left to return to Montréal, he did, however, give up what he said were "secrets."

I do love a challenge, so I determined that I would learn to make a cheesecake as light and tender as Kenny's. This weekend was the great experiment.

Today when the Brunch Bunch returned from the rodeo, I brought forth the resultant cheesecake for consumer testing. The verdict was unanimous: Ymmmmmmm!

Now, of course, my cheesecake is certainly not a clone of Kenny's, but it did end up with much the same texture and was very delicious, even if I did forget one ingredient (argh!). I must say, I'm quite pleased with myself, he said smugly.

Check it out: Cheesecake Kenny

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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