Let us count the ways

| It is now almost four months since the landscaping was done in the back yard and by now one might suspect that my black thumb would have killed everything. Au contraire, mon ami!

The backyard is profuse with blossoms, greenery, and scents as you will see in the slideshow.

After planting the vegetable beds three times, I had to construct cages to foil the dastardly squirrel that treated my vegetables as its own private Fresh & Easy. The Shake Away rodent repellent that I obtained from Amazon was of no avail whatsover. The only thing that the granularized fox urine repelled was me!

My friend John, dba ElectricMan, just installed landscape lighting and a fan in the pergola.

Accent lighting on the waterfall, ocatillo, and tree
Soft floodlighting on the flagstone patio
Lights in the front
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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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