| Yesterday was the annual Opera in the Park, and that's no fooling. It was a lovely day, albeit on the cool side when the breeze picked up. As usual, the singing was splendid, the company congenial, and the champagne freely flowing.

As usual, Phil and Réal got up at the crack of stupid to stake out the usual prime viewing location, while the usual suspects showed up at 10am with coffee and goodies as their reward. I made a batch of sticky buns, made exclusively from things your doctor does not want you to eat. Nothing like sticky buns, fresh from the oven to set the proper mood.

In the category "Best Hat," the award goes to Phil. Contrary to first impressions — mine at least — it is a hat rather than a tonsorial expression of mid-life crisis.

Best Hat award

I would never suspect anyone of having hair like this, except there is Guy Fieri on the Food Network channel.

Guy Fieri, chef

Other awards of the day:

Best Table Setting award
OMG! award

Making bad taste worse, our winner of the OMG Aware could not stay seated for more than 10 consecutive minutes, getting up constantly to offer refreshments or just to socialize with others in his party. Since he was directly in our sight-line, this behavior was definitely noted: "There he goes again!"

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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