| I am struck while watching Republican primary election coverage by the faces of the people lining up to support the various candidates. And this morning's NY Times had a portrait gallery of voters on Super Tuesday. What's really cool about the gallery is that by clicking buttons you can sort the pictures in various ways: men/women, party, age. (See selection in slideshow below.)

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It is hard to escape the conclusion that the people who call themselves Republicans — and who come out to vote in the primaries — are people who also carry an AARP card. And it probably shows signs of long use.

Of the 32 people featured in the Times' gallery, 11 of them are 65 years old or older. And of those 11, 9 of them are identified as Republicans.

Ever since Reagan, the Republicans seem to be trapped in a time warp, longing for some "good old days" when June and Ward Cleaver lived next door to Ozzie and Harriet and married couples on television slept in twin beds. Just like 1950's television, they are mostly white (except for servants, of course), and, confronted with modernity, they essentially scream "Stop the world, I want to get off!"

Santorum is packing auditoriums with his angry obsession with people's sex lives, contraception, and "Obamacare" (pale imitation that it is of what every other advanced country has, universal healthcare) — and, we should note, narrowly losing in a number of states to this year's designated establishment candidate, Mitt Romney. Young people can't understand what all the fuss is about, and those of a certain age keep asking, "Didn't we settle this along ago?"

And speaking of Santorum, it is instructive to look at a map of the states where he has won primaries or caucuses:

Through Super-Tuesday 6-Mar-2012

The map shows that Santorum, the most deeply conservative, reactionary candidate, is having success in the midsection of the country (South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas will probably fill in the purple), whereas Romney is more successful on either side of this conservative belt. And of course, we all know that the coasts are where those pointy-headed elites and free-thinkers live. It's a gradient with the most conservative folks centered in the country and the most liberal on the coasts. Then there is the South, the only place it seems where Gingrich will be able to win.

Listening to these candidates and noting what they say that makes the crowds erupt in cheers makes me very worried for the future of our country. What are these people thinking? Seriously.

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