| A few days ago I stopped at Panda Express for lunch. Having forgotten to bring my Kindle, I was at a loss for reading material, so I cast my eyes on the packet of soy sauce. Gadzooks!

There weren't many words on the back side of the packet, but there were definitely three too many!

Three too many words

If words mean anything, the list of ingredients tells what is contained in the product, in order of relative amounts.

Therefore, "Ingredients: ..., wheat, soybeans" conveys all we need to know. The three additional words: "Contains wheat, soybeans" tells us nothing new.

I guess someone thinks that the word "contains" is easier than "ingredients" and so the latter formulation is for those who might not know the meaning of "ingredients."

You see this sort of thing all over the place. Check it out; go to the market and buy a jar or can of roasted nuts. Look on the label: chances are you'll see that "this product was processed in a facility that also processes nuts." Well, doh!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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