| Three weeks later, the backyard has been completely redone. The weed patch is no more!

The plan

Landscape design

The results

The centerpiece of the yard is a waterfall that cascades down over the retaining wall between the upper and lower sections of the yard. A "pondless" design, it uses really very little water, and the sound is just loud enough to hear from the patio while lounging in my swing or enjoying an afternoon cocktail.

Although I say it myself, the waterfall is gorgeous

A dry river bed snakes around the yard from the waterfall, with desert plants on the hillocks enclosed by the meanders. The river ends at a raised herb garden on one side of the yard. Near the herb garden are various agaves and a magnificent ocotillo. I can't wait for it to bloom in the spring!

Herb garden at the end of the river

At the other side of the yard is a raised vegetable bed that encloses a small flagstone patio. (The flagstones are recycled from the blob that was in the middle of the yard.) Benches form the other two sides of the patio, providing a place to rest or admire the crops.

Vegetable garden and patio

The upper part of the yard, formerly almost barren, now has a profusion of plants: lavender, coyote bush, ornamental bamboos, daleas, and creeping rosemary that will later drape down over the wall. Eventually, those plants will expand to carpet the area.

The yard is a great example of desert landscaping that is both lush and efficient. Every plant has its own irrigation, so there is no need for wasteful sprinkling. Even the irrigation in the planting beds is individually controlled; if need be each nozzle can be turned off entirely. The whole system is run by a "smart controller" that adjusts watering times according to the time of year and current weather conditions (it was already installed).

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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