Proud mama?

Oy veh.

| It's really hard to be a mother, and especially so if your daughter is Michele Bachmann. At the beginning of tonight's Iowa caucus, Michele dragged her mama up on the stage to stand beside her while she wooed the caucus goers. This is dangerous.

Mama is not a seasoned politican nor an actress, so she couldn't quite pull of the proud mama persona that had been assigned to her for the night. Check out the expression on her face as Michele delivered her screed:

Iowans are rejoicing tonight because of that opportunity to reclaim our republic. We will do that. Standing with me is the woman who gave me life right here in Black Hawk county 55 years ago, and as I think of her, and as I think of the sacrifices that she laid down and made in my own life, I think to myself that we don't stand here alone.

We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses of generations who have gone on before. Going back to the time of William Penn who came to this country to bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the time of the pilgrims who came here also to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, who stated that they willingly laid down their lives-- literally as stepping stones-- so that the next generation would prosper and know religious liberty.

Generation after generation has sacrificed for us, including our military, including our veterans. My father signed up to serve honorably in the United States Air Force here in Black Hawk county. It is for them, it is for their memory that we are here tonight because we are here to reclaim the greatness of this country.

We are unwilling to allow Barack Obama to implement socialism in the United States of America. That will happen on our watch! We won't let it.

National Journal

That's more a look of "Please, God, get me out of here" than "I'm so proud." Or perhaps it's "Please, God, forgive me for not having an abortion!"

And no wonder: "William Penn came ... to bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ," the Pilgrims "willingly laid down their lives," "unwilling to allow Barack Obama to implement socialism." She should go back to Lake Woebegone.

Laura and George W

This is how it should be done:

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