It's going to be better than 2011

| It's customary at the New Year to reflect on the year past and anticipate all the good things to come in the next.

The year past

• The Tea Party / Repugnicans led the country to the brink of the abyss again and again in their attempt to make Barack Obama "a one-term president." They were willing to inflict grievous harm to the country to deny the president any kind of success in getting us out of the morass W et al got us into, including sending the country into default (by not raising the debt ceiling) and taking a bigger chunk out of every hard-working American's paycheck (by not extending the payroll tax reduction).

• Obama finally gave up on trying to work with the aforementioned Tea Party/Repugnicans, who hold it as an article of faith to oppose anything Obama proposes or supports, even if they, the aforementioned Tea Party/Repugnicans, proposed it earlier. And he finally used the "bully pulpit" to let everyone know who was making Washington dysfunctional. And it's workiing — his approval ratings are climbing steadily while those of Congress have fallen to the latest in polling history. We have to admire Obama's dedication to the pursuit of comity, but we have to question why it took three years for him to figure out it was never gonna happen.

• The sale of my Palm Springs condo finally went through so I had money to tackle some of the big items on my to-do list for the new house, namely the new kitchen counters (they're gorgeous) and a complete make-over of the backyard. Right now it's a construction zone, but it, too, is going to be gorgeous when it's done, shortly after the new year.

• Life without a mortgage, car payment, or credit-card debt is sweet, indeed. Everyone should be so fortunate.

• The Repugnican presidential hopefuls have shown themselves to be certifiably insane: most of them don't believe in evolution (or science in general, I suspect); they all would reject a debt reduction plan that included even one part revenue to ten parts budget cutting; their debate audience booed a gay soldier in Iraq for having the temerity to suggest equality; more than one is prepared to let the uninsured die rather than receive emergency treatment; one goes around saying that if someone doesn't work they shouldn't eat; they'd all like to bomb Iran, the consequences be damned; they all claim to want smaller government but they also want government to meddle in everyone's personal life. They are simply the sorriest bunch of candidates every assembled in my lifetime. No wonder those few thousand right-wing evangelical born-agains in Iowa have such a hard time choosing.

The year to come

• The above-mentioned backyard makeover will be done.

• In lieu of the parapetetic Super Bowl party, in 2012 we will cross an item off our bucket lists by traveling to the far, far, cold, cold north to see the Northern Lights in all their glory.

• The Iowa caucuses will eventually be over and everyone can stop obsessing about what those few thousand right-wing evangelical born-agains think about the buffoons who have presented themselves as presidential candidates for the Repugnican party. Of course, the obsession will simply transfer to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida, et al, but at least it will sound different.

• I will observe the final birthday of my 60s. Good grief but I'm getting old!

• I resolve to find the top of my desk. If I can find the desk for all the crap that has accumulated in the office.

• I resolve, also, to finally clear the garage of moving boxes.

• And life will be good.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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