At least it didn't rain on the parade

| Sunday was the Palm Springs Pride parade and the second day of the festival. The usual suspects met up early in the morning for parking, breakfast, and a prime viewing location.

The usual suspects: (L-R) Bob, Réal, Ken

We have a strategy that works quite well. We meet near the festival grounds and park all but one car, taking care to position them so that they can be shifted a bit later to allow the remaining car to squeeze in between the others when the parade is over.

The morning dawned clear and cold (43°), but it soon clouded over, and by noon it had begun to drizzle lightly. We didn't stay long at the festival — shivering and wet is not conducive to merriment.

A huge crowd lined the streets for the parade

There were a lot of people in town for the weekend. The streets, restaurants, and bars were all packed with people. Estimates ranged from 100,000 to 200,000 visitors. The lower end of the range is certainly in the right ballpark.

Not quite the pomegranate man, but still...
They're always here

There were the usual marching bands, floats, politicians, drag queens, the scantily dressed (even in the cold), and, of course, the Fundies came to tell everyone they were going to burn in Hell. Note that in the Fundie's sign Chri$tianity and money are conflated — a sure sign they are a scourge upon the earth.

For more parade pictures, check out the slide show in Galleries.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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