Snow at the Tram

And snow!

| A cold front has moved in, bringing snow and making everyone excavate their long pants from the nether regions of the closet.

Just a few days ago it was in the 90s — this morning when I got up it was 45° with a forecast high of only 64° On the other hand, the dreary skies of the last two days have cleared and the sky is almost unbearably blue, revealing snow atop both Mt San Jacinto and Mt San Gorgonio. From the valley floor it doesn't look like much, but pictures from the webcams at the Palm Springs Tramway show several inches of accumulation on the ground.

Mt San Jacinto
Mt San Gorgonio
tram-cam_500.jpg 45.3 KB
Long Valley cam at PS Tramway
tram-cam3_500.jpg 50.2 KB
Long Valley cam at PS Tramway

Not only have I resurrected my long pants, but I've put an extra comforter on the bed. I was toasty warm last night, but it was a shock when I rolled out of bed. I could, of course, turn the furnace on, but it just seems wrong to do so this early in the winter. Layers are the order of the day.

The snowbirds — and they're back already — are strolling around town, on the other hand, in their T-shirts, shorts, and sandals, illustrating once again, it's all a matter of perspective. Personally, I'm delighted to live in a place where my perspective tells me that right now it's cold.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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