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| As September drew to a close, the usual suspects — Bob, Réal, and I, but not Ken this time — made the traditional visit to the LA County Fair. As usual, we went on a Wednesday when old codgers get in at a very low price. This year we splurged and bought VIP parking, which put us about 50 feet from the entrance. Yes!

As county fairs go, the LA County Fair is right up there with, or above, most state fairs. There are the usual attractions: carnival games, food, scary rides, food, livestock, food, shopping, food, Budweiser Clydesdales, food. Did I mention food?

Everything tastes better on a stick
Cup holders!

This year's OMG-I-can't-believe-they're-selling-that! food was doubtless the deep-fried watermelon on a stick. Actually, we were looking forward to trying some deep-friend butter, but we didn't see any. Perhaps the Heart Association got to them.

There's always something new, and this year it had to be the realization that the venerable little-red-wagon is no longer necessarily little nor red. The deluxe models on offer at the fair had cupholders — cupholders! — heavy-duty tires, and sun shades. What's the world coming to?

The shopping pavilions were something of a disappointment this year. First of all, they were much too crowded, and there was a surplus of bed vendors, and vendors of stuff nobody in their right mind would buy. Although I have to say I was proven wrong when I saw a young damsel strolling around the fairgrounds wearing a pair of platter-sized-tiger-paw mittens on a scarf with hood attached.

As usual, we were on the look-out for something moderately undecadent to eat, and this year we were lucky to find at the back perimeter of the fairgrounds a line of food trucks selling quasi-gourmet food. We enjoyed crepes filled with cinnamony apples and splendid pulled-pork sandwiches, followed by more crepes. Well, the crepes were delicious!


You don't see it at most fairs, but at the LA County fair they have horse show events featuring draft horses and mules. It's quite fun to see giant Clydesdales and Percherons trotting along pulling wheeled vehicles of one sort or another. My attempts to predict the judging of the mule classes were woefully off the mark. Réal, on the other hand, was spot on in his judgements. The boy does know his mules! Bob wisely did not voice his predictions, thereby sparing himself any mockery that might have ensued.

All told, it was a fun afternoon.

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