Best season ever

| I know, nobody wants to be in 2nd place (although Avis turned it to good marketing advantage). But Spare Me! was quite happy to be there.

Final standings

The run up

After 9 weeks

Aug 15. After week 9 of league bowling, Spare Me! started week 10 in first place, but was slated to play the dreaded Hunters. They brought in a substitute with a 188 average and an ego the size of Mt Rushmore. We eked out one point for the night.

Aug 22. That brought us to the final week of league bowling, the "position round." Whereas match-ups during the season are essentially random, for position week the 1st and 2nd place teams play each other, the 3rd and 4th place teams play each other, and so on. Having been bested by Hunters, Spare Me! fell to 3rd place, so we were to play the 4th place team, Happy Hour.

After 10 weeks, going into "position round"

The top 4 teams were actually quite closely bunched, and we were just 1½ points behind Hunters, now in first. Mathematically, it was still possible for us to end the season in first place, albeit with only a 10% chance of doing so (mathematically speaking). To do so, two outcomes would have to prevail: Spare Me! would have to win all 4 points against Happy Hour and Hunters would have to win either one or two points in their matchup.

The two top bowlers of Happy Hour did not have a happy evening. Both highly competitive, they were chagrined that Spare Me! won the first game, and they came back in the second determined to win, which they did by just a few pins. However, Spare Me! took the third game and the point for total pins.

When all the pins had fallen that night, Hunters took only one point, so they dropped from first to fourth. Their match-up, Pocket Pounders, moved into first, and Spare Me! moved up to second. Who would have thought!

As the second place team, we were given a lovely parting gift of cash which, combined with our point money — a "rebate" based on number of wins during the season ($2.78 per point per person this summer) — will fund a nice celebration dinner. Life is good!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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