2nd place

| The past two weeks of bowling have been deeply satisfying. We did really well against formidable opponents. And, after 8 weeks of the season (only 3 left), Spare Me! finds itself in 2nd place. Woo-hoo!

After 8 weeks of bowling
Top scores for the week

Monday night we bowled against the Little Red Engine (who couldn't). For some unknown but wonderful reason, all four of us were hot. And I mean hot! I began the night's bowling with three strikes in a row, an event for which I was proud to be called "turkey"! We eventually took the game by well over 100 pins. (It was my one and only turkey of the season to date, mind.)

We won the first two games and lost the third game by only 6 pins. (Okay, we were in a slump!) We also took the point for total pins, making it a 3:1 night. Three of the Little Red Engine were quite fun; of course they didn't like to lose, but they were having fun while doing so. The fourth was someone we have bowled against every summer and who is a serious bowler who hates to lose. Throughout the night he radiated bad vibes, and since this was his typical behavior, we took, shall I say, a certain pleasure in messing with his mind. Réal got off the best line of the night, "Allen, we love to bowl against you; you always bring out the best in us!"

The previous Monday we bowled against Team 13, whose captain is also a very serious bowler with an average just under 200. What made that night quite memorable was the fact that Team 13 had a substitute — one with a 242 average — who told us that he has bowled 92 perfect games (300). And, in truth, it was a treat to watch him bowl, just because he was soooo good and had no trouble racking up 5 or 6 strikes in a row.

Spare Me! took all 4 points, winning not only the three games but total points as well.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Good bowlers have a very hard time beating mediocre bowlers like us because of the handicap. If we bowl our averages, or just a few pins above our averages, we very often win. And winning just encourages us. Instead of tensing up and getting all serious, we relax and yuk it up, which really gets under the skin of those who take the game seriously.

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