Beware flying pigs!

| Spare Me! after 5 weeks of bowling this summer now stands in 3rd place, just 1½ points behind first place Hunters.

In a handicap league you become a formidable opponent when you're not very good, particularly when bowling against really good teams. They have to give up so many handicap pins to start with that we can prevail by beating our averages by just a few pins, or, conversely, if the good bowlers have an off night and roll just a few pins below their average. In fact, 23 of the 26 teams in the league have higher combined pins plus handicap totals than our team. In fact, the team with the highest pins+handicap total is down in 15th place. Priceless! It's all about the Ws. Aptitude is no advantage.

After 5 weeks of bowling

Last night we took 3 against a team with averages ranging from 145 to 170 while ours range from 130 to 154. They are now in 23rd place.

The other thing that works in our favor is the tendency of really good bowlers, especially the ones who take bowling very seriously, to start trying too hard if they sense they are being beaten by the Spare Me boys. Our ineptitude combined with our insouciant attitude are apparently quite discomfiting.

Next Monday we face Team 13 whose captain is vice president of the league and a very serious bowler (203 average). They're in 9th place. We'll see.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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