Munch, munch bunch

| Although I believe that given the current state of civic affairs the 4th of July should be observed as a National Day of Mourning rather than as a celebration, the Brunch Bunch did its patriotic best to follow tradition.


We gathered at Bob's this year, where Réal set to work performing surgery on the cabinet above Bob's refrigerator in preparation for the arrival Thursday of a new and improved model, which as fate will have it can be accommodated in the width of the opening, but not the height.

This "simple" job turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected due to a "design feature" of the custom cabinetry involving the shelf above the refrigerator — rather than being level, one end was 1/2inch higher than the other. Oops!

Ken sets up the new tablet

The other entertainment was provided by the introduction of Bob's latest toy, an Android tablet. Ken assumed the role of Android specialist (he has an Android phone) and went about setting up the tablet so it could talk to Bob's wi-fi network, etc. That was followed by an extensive tutorial on usage. Got to admit, it's a slick little device.

Of course there was the customary all-American food fest. We dined on BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers, grilled sweet corn, coleslaw, and potato salad, followed by strawberry shortcake. And a few bottles of Cooks were also emptied.

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Later we watched the Washington DC fireworks on TV. And just as we were about to leave we discovered that we had a good view from Bob's patio of the Palm Springs fireworks at the stadium.

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