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| If it's summer it must be bowling season. The summer season of the Monday night Fun Handicap League got started on 6 June, and once again the usual suspects showed up to display their skill (or lack thereof) and utter disregard for the competitive dimension of the game.

Since our captain failed to show up for the meeting at which they drew team numbers, we ended up as Team 26, of 26 teams. However, a funny thing happened that night. Despite our colossal incompetence, we managed to win 3½ of the 4 points for the night.

The standings after one week of bowling

And that tie was the stuff of sketch comedy. It all came down to the end of the 10th frame. I was the final bowler for our team, and we were slightly ahead at that point. All we needed to put it away was a strong performance from yours truly. My first ball went in the gutter! (The one and only gutter ball of the night, I say in my own defense.) Nevertheless, when I finished we were still 7 pins ahead.

Then Steve, who had been throwing strikes and spares all night, approached the line for the other team. All that was needed to take the game was for Steve to knock down 8 pins. He cracked under pressure and got exactly 7 — hence a tie game.

Since no other team won all four that night, we ended up in first place. And what we found truly hilarious was that although we were in "first place" only three teams had a lower combined total of actual pins plus handicap!

Now you know that when you're in first place — no matter how you got there — there is only one way to go.

Our week-2 opponents all had very high averages, which meant that they had to give us quite a few pins (just under 100 as I recall). In the first game, they bowled badly, but we bowled even worse, so they ended up winning the game by a few pins. However, we opened the second game with a string of strikes that put them back on their heels. Suddenly, it seemed, this was serious. And it got to them; they started to think too much, try too hard, and despite our rather lackluster performance, we won the second game by a few pins.

In the end, that second game was our only point of the night. Our opponents won the third game, and total points, but by much, much less than they should have, given their averages.

Accordingly, we fell several places in the rankings (see below) but who cares? The name of the league is Fun Handicap — Fun, for it's just a game for crying out loud, and Handicap, for evening things out and giving everybody a chance.

8th out of 26 still ain't bad, considering how few teams have fewer total pins (including handicap) than the Spare Me! gang

The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! Que sera sera.

Ironically, our opponents chose "We Wuz Framed" as their team name, and sure 'nuf, they are right behind us in the standings.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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