Governors behaving badly

| Last November, the Republicans took control not only of the US House, but also many of the governorships and state legislatures. The verdict is now in — the voters don't like what they bought!

An article in today's Washington Post by Norman Ornstein points out the "deep and growing unpopularity" of Republican governors and legislatures (How Republican governors could help Obama in 2012)

Here are the numbers from Ornstein's article as a graph.

Approval ratings of swing-state governors

The Republican governors, who rode in on the coattails of the Tea Party and determined to enact the small-government, low-taxes, you're-on-your-own-without-a-net agenda, are clearly not doing the people's business as the people see it. The best of the lot is Chris Christie of New Jersey whose citizens are evenly split. I don't know if they were polled before or after Christie used a state helicopter to go to his son's baseball game.

Among the Democratic governors, Bev Perdue of North Carolina has higher negatives than positives. But look at Mark Dayton in Minnesota, who was left with a $5 billion deficit by Tim Pawlenty (who now claims he knows all about economics — voodoo economics to be sure). He, Dayton, while working to clean up Pawlenty's mess has earned a positive approval from voters, and Brian Schweitzer of Montana is practically off the charts.

The half-governor

The punditocracy has itself in a lather over whether or not Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012. Although we know Sarah is unpersuaded by facts, the fact is that voters have made up their minds — nobody has no opinion — and they are absolutely dead set against the idea of her running for president.

If Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012, would you definitely vote for her, would you consider voting for her, or would you definitely not vote for her?
ABC News/Washington Post Poll. June 2-5, 2011 (

She'll probably run.

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