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Mostly charred

| It's come to this: the darling of the progressive wing of the Democratic party is a crotch-ety old lech. Anthony Weiner finally admitted in a New York press conference this afternoon that the now famous Twitter photo is his — with certitude.

He says he has "made some terrible mistakes" (NYTimes, 6-Jun-2011). Oh, he did say a mouthful!

Meanwhile, numerous other photos are starting to turn up, collected on Andrew Brietbart's BigGovernment blog. Of course, there will be more. You know it.

I didn't want to believe Weiner could be that stupid, but his careful parsing of all his answers was suspicious. The photo was certainly ambiguous... the small portion of leg is hardly a definitive identifier, unless of course, you happen to be the person in the picture and you are aware that the picture was taken.

Could be almost anybody, right?

At least now we know Jon Stewart's recollection is a bit hazy, and if you don't get the reference, check out this clip.

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On the one hand it's all very silly — this obsession with "dirty pictures" is really quite infantile.

On the other hand, this is not the behavior one expects of one's congressperson.

And on the third hand, Anthony, How could you!?!? Weiner has proven himself one of the more vocal and vociferous opponents of GOP nonsense, and he has now effectively rendered himself mute. Should he dare to criticize in future, the moralists in the Republican party are sure to turn it into a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Damn!

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