It's an epidemic

Apologies to Meredith Wilson.

| Say what you will about Sarah Palin, she does know how to get attention! She crashed the big Harley Davidson Rolling Thunder Ride in Washington DC on Memorial Day, then set off on what she's calling a "One Nation" tour of historic sites.

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. That does qualify as an historical site, to be sure, but visiting Donald Trump in New York City? His hair is definitely one of the wonders of the world, but that hardly makes it historic.

Sarah is sly like a fox. She won't announce where the bus is going, so hordes of reporters are following her bus, like the rats of Hamlin.

And a funny thing about that tour route. Could it be coincidence that New Hampshire was on the itinerary, on the very day that Mitt Romney climbed on a hay bale to announce — Gasp! — that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination? I don't think so, and I'm reinforced in this conclusion by the fact that she passed through tornado-ravaged western Massachusetts to get there, passing up photo opportunities to show her concern for the victims. Never mind that twister, I gotta git to New Hampshire to steal Mitt's thunder!

How much you wanna bet that Iowa will be on that route? There are no historic sites in Iowa to speak of, but there are those caucus-goers to court.

It would bankrupt even Sarah's campaign PAC if she had to pay for all the publicity she's getting, but she's getting it for free, thanks to the media who are following her every move and reporting breathlessly on every inane comment she makes.

You know, when she calls it the "lamestream" media, she may have a point.

Don't you wish Sarah'd actually read and try to understand the Constitution she so patriotically displays on her bus?

I may live to regret saying this, but this bus tour is not about setting up a campaign for president. It's about her need for attention — Look at me, me, me, me! — and the opportunity to fill her coffers with speaking fees. She might flirt with a presidential run, but the reality is that people overwhelmingly believe she is unqualified to hold the office, a view she reinforces almost every time she opens her mouth. Even Republicans admit freely they wouldn't vote for her! Nope, John McCain put her on a gravy train, and she's sopping up as much money as she can while it lasts. It's disgusting, but it's not stupid.

What is stupid is the way the blogs and cable channels keep giving her legitimacy by constantly covering her. Maybe they're hoping for a cat fight between Sarah and Michele Bachman, who clearly thinks she's the queen of Tea. Will Sarah try to upstage Michele in Iowa when she (Michele) makes her big announcement?

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John Edwards — and there's another scumbag about to get his comuppance — used to talk about "two Americas." It was a good trope but not in the way he meant it. As I see it, the two Americas are the one that lives in the real world, and the other that lives in a fact-free, science-free, state of ideology.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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