Colossal fail!

| The Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union — née HP Credit Union — was swallowed up last year by First Tech Credit Union in what was touted as a merger "of equals." A 20-page booklet sent out earlier this spring to every AAFCU member promised that "when we were creating our new logo, we were committed to honoring the heritage of both credit unions...."

The old AAFCU logo
The old FirstTech logo
The new merged logo

As friend Jim pointed out, "Oh, I get it. That little blue triangle is Addison Avenue." And maybe the capital letters?

But back to that booklet. It promised to "contain important information you need to know about our coming integration" (to take place Memorial Day weekend). There was the "Quick Start Guide" that consisted of two pages of "Important To Know Info," followed by more verbose versions of the same stuff, but this time categorized as "Important To Know" or "Good To Know." The cover letter promised that it would all be "seamless."

As if...!

This morning I went to Quicken to download my transactions from the weekend. Quicken said it was "unable to connect to Addison Avenue FCU." Hmmmm.

I went to the new, integrated, website.

But eventually the site did let me log on with my AAFCU username and password — as it was suppposed to. A quick glance revealed that all my accounts were present and accounted for with proper balances.

Back to Quicken. Maybe I need to disable and then re-enable access using the new credit union name. Ha! Quicken said it couldn't connect to First Tech either, but said it wasn't my fault.

That's comforting

OK, I would breakdown and call customer support at the new, integrated credit union. (And of course, the number I had to call was different than the one published in that expensive booklet.)

This is really smart — merge two previously independent credit unions over the weekend, but then short-staff the phone lines and non-staff one of the most important departments of support.

I called back at 10:24a, well past the time that Home Banking was supposed to be at work. More elevator music, this time for 7 minutes.

When someone in the call center finally answered I asked to be connected to Home Banking, which she wouldn't do because she insisted she would be able to help me. I explained that I couldn't download transactions into Quicken. Oh, she didn't know all that much, she'd have to research that if I would just hold on a moment....

While she was "researching" I tried again and Quick did connect, but instead of matching up with my existing accounts, it created all new ones! And of course there's no way to tell Quicken to just merge the two. No, you have to delete all the duplicate ones, then go back and set up the connection again and tell Quicken to "link" to the existing accounts.

This failed three times due to "an online error [OL-293-A] which supposedly means "Quicken did not receive the expected response from the server."

Fail of mega-magnitude!

It may be time to sever a 22-year relationship.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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