Out with the old

| It's fun to spend money. It's even more fun to spend money that you actually have, as opposed to money that Visa will loan you for an exhorbitant interest rate. Now that the condo has closed, I am working on my to-do list.


Last summer at the Pomona Fair I saw a backyard swing that immediately went to the top of my want list. Two things stood out about it: (1) It was exceptionally comfortable, and it supported the body in all the right places. (2) It was exceedingly well-made, not a Kwiki-Mart cheapo.

By chance, I found out at Sunday Brunch a couple of weeks ago that there was a Home Show that weekend, so after brunch we piled into the car to check out the show. Lo and behold, there was "my swing." Delivery would be in "about two weeks." Monday night Alan from Boise delivered and set up the swing on the patio.

Water feature

Also at the Home Show was a woman selling various jars and pitchers into which her husband built little waterfalls. One of them was exactly the right size to hide the white cover that hides the wires running down the wall from the TV. Mine!


Meanwhile, I had been making plans for new countertops in the kitchen. After hours spent browsing through slab yards, I selected a granite and engaged a contractor to fabricate the new countertops. Wednesday his guys showed up to demolish the old counters and install the new ones.

And this morning, Jarod the plumber arrived to hook up the new sink, garbage disposal, and sink.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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